Friday, January 1, 2016

Blog Retired

Greetings fellow 3rd rock space travelers!

As the NASA Space Flight Simulations have come to a close, and we do not know when they will re-open, I'll no longer be doing marketing or recruiting for the projects as a hired gun.

Upon leaving the regular contracting gig, I've decided to retire this blog. I'm no longer paid for the writing hours -- which was never why I wrote about space with such passion -- but other social media, technical, IT, and editing jobs are taking too much of my time these days!

I may revisit the pages when I have something to promote, or need more space than I have on Facebook or Twitter, but I suspect many bloggers are discovering the lifespan of the "web log" may be drawing to a close.

Everything will be left online for historical posterity, and the email published here will remain active for questions, comments, classroom requests, and contest giveaways.

It has been such fun sharing the love of space exploration with you all!