Friday, January 6, 2017

StarTalk Live at San Francisco SketchFest

Star Talk Radio is on the road again. This week, Bill Nye The Science Guy will be hosting their annual Sketchfest gig in San Francisco!

I'm so flattered to tell all my readers that the StarTalk social media team invited me, for the third year in a row, to "guest-host" their Twitter account during Bill Nye's show on Friday, January 22nd. Joining me for fun across multiple social media platforms will be the ├╝ber-cool host of The STEMulus, aerospace engineer and Satellite Launch Superstar Stephanie Evans!

Star Talk Radio Podcasts

StarTalk, from Curved Light Productions, is the first (and still only) popular commercial radio/television broadcast devoted to space exploration, the search for life in the universe, and cosmology -- and they make these subjects accessible to listeners of all ages with facts, humor, and celebrities.

If you are not a regular StarTalk listener... um, who are you and what are you doing on my blog?? No seriously, if you're new to the show, you can brush up on the format and fun by seeing their greatest hits on their YouTube channel or iTunes.

There is one episode where Neil deGrasse Tyson had a conversation with GOD. Make time.

Engineer, Emmy-winning TV host, and owner of 400+ bow ties, Bill Nye is also the CEO of The Planetary Society.  It will be our distinct pleasure to put all our Nye-rich knowledge into describing the show on Thursday night at the historic Curran Theatre in San Francisco.

If you live in or near the SF Bay Area, you can purchase tickets to come live-tweet with us, or follow along with all the sciency comedy from home by following the social media hashtag #StarTalkLive.

WIN a 2017 Year In Space Calendar!

As with last year, we will give away one prize on the night of the show, and mail one prize to a lucky online tweeter who joins us So join the tweetstorm and help us boost the science signal! You could grab one of these hot 2017 Year In Space Calendars, designed by artist Steve Cariddi!

For all the news this week about #StarTalkLive, you can follow the major players on Twitter at @Pillownaut, @StephEvz43, @TheScienceGuy, @EugeneMirman, and of course the Big Guns: @StarTalkRadio.